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Can Your IUD Make You Achieve Weight?


When it’s time to decide on a birth control method, it’s frequent to marvel: Will it make me gain weight? The mere notion {that a} contraceptive can carry on further kilos is a deal breaker for a lot of customers.

Generally this worry can lengthen to IUDs, also called intrauterine gadgets. However there’s no proof these small T-shaped gadgets, which a physician inserts into your uterus to prevent pregnancy long-term, will make you get heavier.

“My expertise is totally that weight acquire isn’t a problem with [IUDs],” says Henry Dorn, MD, an OB/GYN in personal observe in Excessive Level, NC. “The research principally present that there’s lower than 5% [of IUD users] who present any weight acquire, and it’s typically a little bit water weight.”

Even with hormonal IUDs like Mirena, which emit progestin, so little of the hormone will get into your system that any results on weight are minor, he says.

The progestin in hormonal IUDs thickens the mucus in your cervix to dam sperm from reaching an egg. It additionally thins the liner of your uterus so it’s tougher for any sperm that does get by way of to implant. The machine can work and stay within the uterus for 3 to six years. A copper IUD makes use of the steel’s properties as a substitute of hormones to cease most sperm and forestall any that get by from implanting. One of these IUD can keep in your uterus (and preserve working) for for much longer, as much as 10 years.


Weight Achieve Not Listed as IUD Facet Impact

The IUD is a LARC, which stands for long-acting reversible contraception. Like birth control implants, the matchstick-sized rods a physician inserts into your higher arm, the IUD works very well. Fewer than one in 100 customers of both technique will get pregnant within the first yr.

Each IUD varieties work about equally properly to forestall being pregnant. They will trigger related, minor unwanted effects for some individuals, Dorn says, like headaches and modifications to your pores and skin, hair, or temper. You may need heavier intervals on the copper IUD.

Lists of doable IUD side effects don’t embody weight acquire. Additionally, a 2013 research by the American School of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) reported that amongst LARC customers, girls who used implants and pictures had been extra more likely to report weight acquire than those that used copper IUDs.

In response to the ACOG, LARC strategies work 20 occasions higher than birth control pills; the patch, which releases hormones by way of the skin; or the vaginal ring, which it is advisable exchange each month.

“There isn’t a excellent birth control,” Dorn notes, “however [IUDs] are the most effective we’ve obtained.”

It additionally is perhaps the best. “It takes 30 seconds to place in, and 5 seconds to take out,” he says.

Different Issues Can Convey Weight Achieve

Even when individuals report weight acquire, Dorn says it’s necessary to consider different elements which may play a task. Generally it’s merely your stage of life. For instance, for those who begin utilizing an IUD earlier than your physique absolutely matures, you may assume regular physique modifications consequence from the IUD.

“A number of it’s timing. A number of it’s, it coincides with the normal weight acquire of maturity,” Dorn says.

You may cease the birth control as simply as you begin it, too. In the event you resolve you need to get pregnant, or in any other case don’t need to use the strategy anymore, you solely should go to your physician or different medical skilled to have it eliminated.

IUDs Can Assist With Different Circumstances

Dorn additionally prescribes the IUD as therapy for girls who’ve heavy periods. He cites the variety of sanitary pads used as a measure. When you have an IUD, you may need to make use of 2 to three pads much less per day throughout your interval, he says.


If you’d like an IUD, a board-certified OB/GYN, licensed nurse midwife, or household physician is your most suitable option. “Skilled practitioners do higher inserting them than much less skilled,” Dorn says. For instance, if somebody has a “tilted” uterus, which slants backward as a substitute of ahead, a extremely expert physician must insert the IUD.

However such a situation is uncommon, so don’t let discovering a well being skilled cease you. Try medical clinics in your space. And whereas IUDs needs to be lined by insurance or Medicaid, Dorn says, value shouldn’t be a barrier both. Clinics typically provide a sliding fee scale. “Virtually no one has to pay full value,” he says, which is about $750.

In the event you’re accomplished having youngsters, Dorn says the most effective sort of contraception is to have the male associate get a vasectomy. “A vasectomy has a zero weight acquire for girls,” he says.



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