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Hulu’s ‘Y: The Final Man’ Mocks Eucharist by Feeding It to a Monkey


Y: The Final Man continued its weekly descent into left-wing hell with a scene through which a biology-denying scientist tries to feed Holy Communion to a monkey.

Within the dystopian trans show’s newest FX on Hulu episode, “Bizarre Al Is Useless,” launched on Monday October 4, the only organic male who survived a man-killing plague, is with a undercover agent and a scientist who needs to clone him. The three attend a weird religious-like out of doors ceremony the place ladies stroll round in circles to a Radiohead tune whereas holding candles. The characters discover the expertise very highly effective when in reality it’s comically ridiculous.

After leaving the ceremony, the three characters conceal from navy officers on the lookout for them by sneaking right into a church. Apparently, the church doesn’t transfer them in the identical method circling round to an English rock band does. In a very offensive scene, the scientist, Dr. Mann (Diana Bang), feeds communion bread (it’s unclear whether it is consecrated) to a monkey whereas she mocks the Eucharist.

Dr. Mann: Mmm… ( smacking lips ) ( monkey chittering ) Yummy. Physique of Christ. C’Mon. Get it. Good.

Y: The Final Man is actually not the primary present to mock the Eucharist. Holy Communion has been mocked on network television, too. Since Hollywood regularly promotes Satanism, it isn’t stunning that they take alternatives of their scripts to mock a sacrament.

The sequence additionally features a man-hating cult of girls hiding out in Pennsylvania who speak endlessly about how terrible they suppose males are to ladies. “I noticed it every single day I used to be a cop. Girls crushed, imprisoned, killed, not simply by maniac psycho killers, however by the boys who ‘beloved’ them,” Roxanne, the chief of the group says. The ladies are hostile in direction of a “trans-man” (a girl taking testosterone) and are ordered to by no means be alone along with her. Man-hating feminism and transgenderism at one another’s throats. That is intersectionalism for you.

Two of the extra attention-grabbing characters within the present proceed to be two conservative ladies who’re purported to be both dangerous or deranged, at the very least based on the actors who play them and the primary characters of the present who talk about them.

Kimberly Cunningham (Amber Tamblyn) and Regina Oliver (Jennifer Wigmore) are conservative ladies. Regina is meant to now be president based on the road of succession, however she was misplaced in a overseas hospital within the early months after the plague hit and a Democrat took the helm as an alternative. Kimberly is the daughter of the useless Republican president.

After a Democrat staffer discovers she is unexpectedly pregnant and is contemplating abortion, Kimberly affords to undertake her baby. However, tonally, the present makes even this second come throughout by some means egocentric and off. Kimberly is determined to be a mom once more since her younger sons died within the plague. The staffer is visibly disturbed by Kimberly’s urgency and walks away.

Kimberly chats with Regina by the bulletin board full of footage of males who died. Each ladies point out feminist double requirements with reference to achieved ladies.

Kimberly: They need to be parading you round like a feminist hero.

Regina: Feminism solely applies to liberals, Kim. You realize that. My mom used to bitch concerning the state of the world. “If solely ladies have been in cost, there’d be peace.” ( scoffs ) I by no means purchased it. After all she was a Democrat. Again then, I used to be, too. Mm. Voted for Reagan simply to piss her off. By no means regarded again.

Kimberly: You realize, this room is the one place you may hear any of them point out what we misplaced. Generally I believe… Generally I believe they’re relieved. That is the world they’ve all the time needed.

When Regina begins questioning the appearing president’s lack of honesty and transparency relating to lacking helicopters, the left-wing president and supposed feminist deflects to Kimberly’s psychological state as an alternative.

“Oh, wow, for a feminist, you are positive fast to name a girl loopy,” says Regina. Her assertion is especially spot-on since all of the left-wing ladies on the president’s workers dismissed Regina as loopy after they discovered she was alive. However Regina is appropriate. The president is hiding essential data that her cupboard must know. 

So, on this sequence males have been eradicated from the world. The conservative ladies are supposedly “loopy” although they’re the one ones who appear to have a clue about authorities lies and corruption. Man-hating feminists are at battle with transgenders. Actual faith is mocked and changed with “hymns” from an previous rock band. Welcome to the excellent encapsulation of a dysfunctional left-wing fantasy world.