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‘I Love Him!’ ‘View’ Raves Over ‘Sensible’ ‘Minister’ Obama Trashing Trump on CBS


Monday on The View, the hosts frolicked raging at Republicans and President Trump, whom they solely blamed for a worldwide pandemic, earlier than occurring to fall head over heels for President Obama being interviewed by CBS yesterday.

The co-hosts opened the present following routine by absurdly blaming Trump for each coronavirus demise on this nation and trashing him for “taking credit score” for the speedy vaccine. Whoopi Goldberg and Pleasure Behar had no disgrace utilizing the pandemic to scare voters in Georgia to vote Democrat of their runoff election:

“The Republicans in Congress don’t care about it as a result of all they care about proper now could be energy, retaining it, and nothing will change till the Georgia election,” Behar warned.

 “That is what all of that is, and when you go in to vote in Georgia,  keep in mind, that is the celebration [the GOP] that would not care should you drop useless as a result of you possibly can’t breathe. Clearly, they know what has to occur and so they’re not doing it,” Whoopi warned.

After that nasty menace, the hosts turned to their softer sides expressing their adoration for former President Obama. 


Sunny Hostin raved over how eloquent and the way a lot of a gentleman Obama was in his CBS interviews earlier than un-ironically touting a quote from his e-book the place he smears Trump voters as racists (such a gentleman):

It positive did, Whoopi, and may I simply say it was so nice to see a president communicate eloquently and elegantly and in a measured manner. It was, like, I used to be, like, is that this the place we had been for eight years, and we got here to this? It was simply outstanding to me, and I simply thought reality decay. That was actually it. It was simply this reality decay. Folks simply do not care in regards to the reality. They do not care about science, and it is led to for my part, 250,000 deaths, proper? So I used to be — I used to be simply — it harkened again for me once we had, you already know, only a true, gentlemanly sort president within the White Home. The opposite factor I wish to point out is in his e-book he says, ‘it was as if my very presence within the White Home had triggered a deep seated panic, a way that the pure order had been disrupted. Individuals had been spooked by a black man within the White Home’ principally and I believe that type of sums it up as properly.

Sara Haines was even more-over-the-top gushing about how “moved” she was by “minister” like Obama:

“I am typically moved by what President Obama says as a result of like Sunny mentioned, there’s an eloquence to him. He is sensible. There is a knowledge, a relaxed management that I really feel. It is like watching a extremely good minister in church. You simply — you perceive, and he takes you locations. I like all of that,” she praised.

Haines added that she wished Obama had waited till Biden was in workplace to do the media rounds for his e-book as a result of the eye needs to be on Biden and Harris proper now. Her fellow hosts disagreed; the extra Obama, the higher!

Pleasure Behar gushed “I like him, I like him, he is a fantastic man,” earlier than praising Obama for “appearing like a political and social analyst proper now.”  Ana Navarro agreed Obama had much more “grace and class” in direction of Trump than he deserved, whereas Hostin agreed with Obama’s own assessment that he wasn’t nasty sufficient to Trump sooner. 

Trump was allowed to sabotage democratic norms as a result of individuals did not communicate up, as a result of Republicans did not communicate up, and that is why it is so vital that you’ve President Obama talking up due to these democratic norms that now have simply form of gone to the wayside, and I believe not criticizing this president earlier was a mistake that Obama made. I believe he is really talking too late quite than too quickly. 

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