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‘It’s Okay to Go to Your Dentist Adelaide’: Dental Experts Encourage People Not to Delay Oral Health Check-ups Even During Pandemic

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Dentists urge their patients not to delay their oral health check-ups despite the ongoing pandemic to decrease extreme cases of tooth decay in Australia.

Apart from children, adults are also fond of avoiding the dentist. Now, they have more reasons to refrain from scheduling a dental appointment, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why dentists express their concern about the matter, saying that delaying dental appointments can adversely impact one’s oral health.

“With the ongoing health crisis due to COVID-19, it’s understandably normal to be doubtful on things that are not essential,” says Kathleen Matthews, NSW Presidents of the Australian Dental Association.

“However, a regular dental check-up, which is one of the things people are avoiding more nowadays, is essential.”

Dr Mattews also states her concern for tooth decay and other oral health problems on the rise as people are eating more sugary snacks now that they’re at home.

“The current data shows people eating more comfort food, which indirectly implies to them eating unhealthy foods that are full of sugar,” she says.

“Less and less people are going outside, and there’s also the presence of mental stress that we need to overcome. All of these things are overly concerning.”

Dr Mattews, along with her colleagues, are aware that this matter isn’t going to bode well for Aussies’ oral health moving forward. That’s why they recommend people to think carefully while assessing their food choices during this difficult time.

At the same time, they also urge people to keep going to the dentist Adelaide despite the ongoing pandemic.

“It’s 100% safe to go to your dentist even during a pandemic,” says a representative from Smile Australia.

The Australian Oral Health Tracker’s most recent statistics show that one in two Australian adults consume more sugar at home. However, from that number, only one in two Aussie adults are brushing their teeth at least twice a day.

Dr Matthews points to unstructured workdays and home schooling as the leading proponents negatively impacting people’s daily routines.

“It’s extremely concerning since we think common dental issues are preventable,”

She said, “That’s gum disease and tooth decay.”

The Australian Dental Association urges people not to be discouraged from visiting their dentist due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m here to officially confirm that it’s 100% safe to still go to your dentist despite the health crisis we’re dealing with today,” Dr Matthews said. “The only difference from visiting your dentist in the past is that now you’ll be asked some more questions. But at the end of the day, your dentist will still look after you like before.”

Dr Matthews also confirms that every dentist Adelaide is aware of the health protocols they must do before accommodating their patients.

So if you haven’t seen your dentist in over a year, it’s about time you book an appointment with them.