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Legislation and Order Spin-off Present: Police Kill ‘Younger Black Males With Impunity’


Legislation and Order: Organized Crime pushed the Black Lives Matter narrative once more this week, claiming  that cops randomly kill harmless younger black males with out consequence.

Within the episode, “I Bought This Rat,” on Might 20, Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) questions the lady who ordered the homicide of his beloved spouse. He discovers that Angela Wheatley (Tamara Taylor), who’s black, needed his spouse murdered as revenge for her personal son’s loss of life as a result of Angela’s ex-husband Richard (Dylan McDermott), a drug vendor, lied to her and mentioned that her son was killed by cops. (Richard had really ordered her son’s killing.)

Wheatley: Richard informed me that it was a focused hit by police as a part of an anti-drug operation. Harlem Warmth they referred to as it. He said– Richard mentioned, that this operation was led by a detective by the identify of Elliot Stabler. 

Stabler: And also you believed that? 

Wheatley: I did. Detective Elliot Stabler. A kind of faceless officers who weapons down younger black males with impunity and expects by no means to face any penalties. Richard requested if I needed him to die, this detective, and I mentioned no. No. I needed him to undergo like I am struggling. I needed… Him to really feel…This ache worse than loss of life.

Simply earlier than this interview, Wheatley tells Ayanna Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt), the black commander of the organized crime unit, “When you ever have a son, you’ll perceive you’ll do no matter you’re capable of to maintain him secure, particularly from the police.” The nephew of Bell’s lesbian “spouse” was viciously attacked by evil officers within the earlier episode.

Black Lives Matter’s paranoid lies about cops have led to actual cops being murdered by BLM fanatics. Within the fictionalized Legislation and Order: Organized Crime universe, it result in the homicide of a cop’s spouse. I doubt the present’s writers have the self-awareness to understand the episode did not fairly make the purpose they thought it was making.

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