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New Google Search Console API – Leading Houston SEO Company and Firms Take Notice


Google unveiled a bunch of changes for its rebranded Google Search Central Site, with the new Search Console API as the focal point for delivering new data and versatility in managing domain properties.

Google puts a premium on the internet search, which is the company that carries the highest standards of quality for web users. The changes made last year totaled at 3,600, with almost 400,000 tests conducted right before the release. This year, Google’s API affords users not only fresh data but also helps web developers and internet marketers such as a Houston SEO company manage their domain properties.

At the recent SMX Tuesday, Google’s John Mueller talked about the changes that will affect search engine optimization. The overview that Mueller, lead of the Search Relations team, talked about include page experience update, request indexing tool, diversity, FAQ schema, and many others.

With the launch of the Search Central site, Google showcased its focus on mobile-first indexing, which should give developers and SEO companies an idea on what they should focus in 2021. The web giant clarified that it would continue indexing sites that have yet to embrace mobile-friendly functions, which means that they’re not dead for now. Nonetheless, it’s a stern warning for those websites that continue to undermine the importance of mobile responsiveness.

The Page Experience Update is expected to roll out in the first quarter of next year, and it will focus on adding the changes to the ranking factor to mobile search. To be specific, core web intangibles, i.e., LCP, CLS, and FID metrics, are exclusive to mobile search ranking signals. Hence, all the other aspects of the page experience update, such as safe browsing and HTTPS are retained on desktop.

Although there’s quite the buzz for this update, web developers and SEO experts shouldn’t view it as something that will make or break their existing strategies. It’s a significant update, but only time will tell if it should create a considerable impact.

Furthermore, observers will recall that Google incorporated the FAQ schema a year ago; in 2020, the company plans to tighten up the existing guidelines for this structured data. In a nutshell, Google tones down the process from which sites show the FAQ rich results in the search engine results pages. It was found that some websites were overdoing it to the point that web designers are adding them to literally everything.

Google puts a premium on diversity in SEO. This year’s SMX is once again a showcase of the changes in Google Search that websites must adopt and embrace. The ability to respond to these changes means that a website will improve its functionality and rank better on Google. With an existing SEO strategy in place, most prominent search engine authority doesn’t want developers and designers like Houston SEO company to do something drastic. Instead, keeping up with the changes as presented by Google Search allows them to do better in all aspects of SEO.