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The Most Common Injury Compensation Claims and How to Prevent Them, According to Legal Experts


Legal experts show some of the top injury compensation claims and how both employer and employee can prevent them.

While many people associate workplace injuries with jobs like construction and firefighting, the truth is that it can be found anywhere and in a variety of workplaces. From factories to even a small office, injuries and illnesses can happen to anyone.


Injuries resulting from accidents or pure negligence can happen even when prevention techniques are already in place. That’s where workers’ injury compensation in Perth comes to the rescue. This claim covers accidental or careless damage to an employee’s overall health and welfare.


Recent statistics show that workplace accidents have reduced over time as more workplace safety methods have been implemented. Unfortunately, they are still a prevalent issue even today.


According to a 2020 news release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 563,600 people had reported nonfatal workplace injuries in 2018. 60% of that number had time off due to their injury or illness, which also means loss of income during that period. Among that number, only 27% received workers injury compensation.


Top 5 Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries need to be taken seriously. Injury compensation will depend on the type and severity of the injury.


The Travelers Company provided some insight into the matter in their ‘Injury Impact Report.’ It also provided the top five injuries sustained in the workplace`. According to their report, the most common workplace injuries include the following;


  • Strains/Sprains: this type of injury comprises 30% of the total claims and are usually the most claimed.
  • Punctures/Cuts: this type of injury covers 19% of total claims.
  • Bruises/Contusions: this type of injury makes up 12% of the claims.
  • Inflammation: this type of injury covers 5% of the total claims.
  • Fractures: This type of injury also covers 5%


These injuries can be the result of a variety of accidents. While the injury will dictate the level of compensation that a worker gets, the overall case will help occupational safety experts minimize future health risks.


Minimizing Injury Compensation Perth Claims

Worker’s compensation is an essential insurance. However, legal experts urge both employers and employees to minimize its need. They claim that it’s not going to benefit both sides in the long run.


“Employees don’t want to clash with their superiors, and employers also don’t need the extra expenses on their end,” says one Perth workers’ compensation lawyer. Fortunately, legal experts have a few helpful strategies that can help.


Wearing protective equipment like goggles or gloves is essential for those working in hazardous worksites or dealing with hazardous materials. Placing a buffer between hazards and employees can also reduce the chances of accidents.


The best risk prevention strategy is for a company to train its employees frequently. Employers also need to be trained with how to implement effective ways to prevent workplace injuries.


As helpful as it may be, this type of compensation will only hurt both parties in the long run. By working together, both employees and employers can prevent the need for injury compensation in Perth.