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However in 1997, particularly in these first few days, even probably the most primary of questions—had Cunanan ever met Versace, what was his relationship to the proprietor of the houseboat the place he was discovered useless, did he have HIV/AIDS (he did not), why did he kill 5 folks in three months, why did he kill Versace, did he kill Versace—abounded.

The youngest of 4 kids and a local of Nationwide Metropolis, Calif., in true made-for-TV style Cunanan was good-looking, well-groomed, witty, extremely clever and cultivated, within the sense that he schooled himself within the finer issues in life in order that he can be able to immerse himself in these finer issues when his time got here—and he hobnobbed simply sufficient with the higher crust to make his tales of residing the jet-set life plausible. He actually knew who Versace was however, although they’re stated to have crossed paths about seven years earlier than the murders, there is no proof that he ever notably registered within the super-star designer’s consciousness.

Principally, if Patricia Highsmith hadn’t written the story in 1955, The Proficient Mr. Ripley may’ve been impressed by Andrew Cunanan. However on the finish of the day, he did not appear like somebody you’d see on the road, and even at your door, and be afraid of.

In some unspecified time in the future in 1996, he moved out of the house of a rich La Jolla businessman, whom he typically accompanied to social occasions, the place he’d been residing for a couple of yr. Nobody knew what prompted his change in deal with, although it did not appear to have been Cunanan’s thought. In April 1997, Cunanan informed buddies he was shifting to San Francisco (the place he had lived for awhile after dropping out of school) however was first flying to Minnesota to “settle some enterprise.”

Nobody would ever discover out what, precisely, he meant by that.