Home News UNREAL: Singer Demi Lovato Condemns Gender Reveal Events as ‘Transphobic’

UNREAL: Singer Demi Lovato Condemns Gender Reveal Events as ‘Transphobic’


Right here’s a kind of tales that show that celebrities actually dwell on one other planet. Whereas most of us fear about issues like payments, lockdowns, and crime, celebrities are there to warn us in regards to the subsequent nice evil: gender reveal events.

On February 24, singer Demi Lovato, who identifies as “queer,” reposted a prolonged Instagram piece entitled “Why Gender Reveal Events Are Transphobic.” Written by an LGBTQ activist/writer/speaker generally known as Alok Vaid-Menon, the nine-page put up claims that “it’s each insincere and incorrect to faux that gender reveal events will not be transphobic.”

Additional on the put up reads:

This isn’t about being politically appropriate, it’s about being appropriate. The refusal to acknowledge this stems from a misunderstanding of what transphobia is. Transphobia isn’t just prejudice or violence towards a person trans particular person, it’s a perception system that presumes non-trans folks to be extra “pure” than trans folks. Solely particular person folks can self decide [sic] their gender.

We’ve now gone previous the purpose of “politically appropriate” to claiming that greater than two genders is factually “appropriate,” no questions requested. With the best way this put up views transphobia, it’s no marvel they assume pink cups and blue balloons are virtually evil. It makes about as a lot sense as anything these folks consider.

The put up then devolves into the same old screed that “there are boys with vaginas and women with penises and that there are people who find themselves neither boys nor women.” However, “The gender binary…naturalizes cultural myths as ‘organic info.’” Apparently, “The concept intercourse relies on genitalia is inconsistent with science,” apart from the about 90% of gender dysphoric/confused children who find yourself basing their gender on their genitalia and intercourse chromosomes by puberty. Shockingly, science doesn’t appear to be these celebrities’ robust level.

This radicalism sadly isn’t new for Lovato who has beforehand gone mad with Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s ironic that the put up reads, “We condemn gender reveals not due to our id, however due to actuality” when celebrities like Lovato deny actuality themselves. Whether or not it’s denying Trump’s 2016 election win or biology figuring out our gender, it’s like celebrities need to acknowledge all the pieces however actuality.

With the state of issues as of late, folks most likely want that transphobic gender reveal events have been the largest points proper now. As an alternative, they should dwell in the true world the place folks like Demi Lovato name them “transphobic” for consuming a cake with blue icing whereas demanding they do it socially distanced, pulling their masks up between bites. How’s that unity coming?