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Blocked Drains Can Cause Defective Plumbing & May Spread Disease

blocked drains in Adelaide
blocked drains in Adelaide

Plumbing is essential for your everyday life. Blocked drains in Adelaide need to get fixed. Defective plumbing may lead to bacterial and viral disease infections. This goes the same with open toilet lids and open trash.


As stated by a study done by the University of South Australia and Australian University, disease transmission in multi-storey buildings is from defective plumbing. Blocked drains in Adelaide need fixing to avoid defective plumbing.


Aside from defective plumbing, open toilet lids can also cause infectious diseases. When lids are open after flushing, they may spread bacteria in the area. You may catch the disease when the droplets contaminate the area.


During these times, when COVID-19 is present, everyone must make sure that there is no contamination taking place. It is essential to keep the areas sanitized at all times. Plumbing needs maintenance to avoid blocked drains in Adelaide.


Aside from defective plumbing and open toilet lids, open trash cans can also cause infectious diseases. According to the study mentioned, open trash cans can spread bacteria and viruses that jeopardize your health.


Additionally, the researchers discovered soil, skin, and intestinal bacteria from unclean surfaces. Most public restrooms are prone to spreading contamination. The researchers advocate for effective handwashing and unclogged drains to prevent the disease from spreading.


The study, however, states that there is no airborne transmission in public toilets that can cause COVID-19 disease. Professor of UniSA Erica Donner notes that precautions and observing proper sanitation in public places make a difference in a press release.


Donner said in a statement: “If you minimize your time in the bathroom; wash and dry your hands properly; and don’t use your mobile phone, eat or drink, then the risks should be low, especially if the bathroom is maintained well.”


For public toilets to be safe to use, plumbing must be complete. Blocked drains in Adelaide can cause damage to pipes and may lead to public toilet damage.


When the plumbing is secure, people need not worry about going to a dirty toilet. Blocked drains in Adelaide can cause drainage problems. Every building with public toilets needs to have impeccable plumbing.


Make sure you sanitize your place. Avoid any disease with safe and secure plumbing.